Types of Boats – The Definitive Guide

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We pride ourselves on having the most versatile fleet in the industry. Whether you are looking for a hardcore fishing machine, a boat to cruise and pull your favorite skier, or the type of boats that can do both, there’s one in the NAUTICSTAR fleet for you. A boat that promises durable construction and reliable technology to get you out there with confidence. 

Here is a guide to help you better understand the types of boats NAUTICSTAR offers:


We are known for building the industry’s best-built Bay boats. Previously known as the XTS series (extreme tournament series), the models in the 2023 Bay series are built to be the ultimate fishing vessel. Consisting of four center-console models, the Bay series has the essentials needed for tournament fishing and leisurely casting.

Key Features

  1. Spacious and Versatile Fishing Platform

Each boat in the Bay series is built with a fishing platform suited to fit your needs. With options for rod lockers, dry storage, and removable cushions and backrests, you can clear the platform for a day of hardcore fishing or plush it up for your favorite bow riders.

Types of boats - Bay Boats
  1. Advanced Sport Console

Travel with the best technology, power, and entertainment system at the helm. Multiple tech options and performance packages are available when you choose to build a Bay boat.

  1. Fishing Amenities

We’re all about convenience and efficiency. Customize your Bay boat with an array of options including built-in livewells, rod storage, tackle storage, and more. Gunnel rod holders and bow rod locker options are also available to keep the deck clutter-free and your equipment safe when not in use.

  1. Leaning Post Options

Each model in the series is built with a standard economy leaning post offering plush cushions and premium upholstery. Choose to upgrade to a flip-flop leaning post giving you the ability to change the direction of your seat or the deluxe leaning post with flip-up bolsters.

  1. Adjustable Seating 

Removable fishing and bike seat options are available when you choose a Bay boat. Stick these on the bow or aft platforms to cast from the perfect angle. 

Types of boats - Bay Boats


The Deck series consists of five models, and each one is built for family time and entertainment. What separates the DC models from the SC models is the full-size walkthrough windshield on the DC models and a spacious open layout on the SC. Each Deck boat can be packed with the entertainment amenities to your liking. 

Types of boats - Deck boats

Key Features:

  1. Endless Amenities

Pull your favorite skier with the optional ski tow bar and store the skis, jackets, and rope in the built-in ski locker when it’s time to rest. From sinks and removable side tables to snap-in flooring and a transom shower, the amenities are endless when you customize a Deck boat.

  1. Bimini Options

To give you longer days on the water without getting overheated or your towels fading, option to have a bimini installed on your Deck boat.

Types of boats - Deck Boats

3. Adjustable Bow Seating

The bow filler kit is available to give your bow riders and loungers more legroom. Paired with premium upholstery and cushions, everyone enjoys a comfortable and dry ride.


Also known as the type of boats that can do it all, the Hybrid series is built for boaters with  diverse interests in on-water activities. Hybrid models can confidently take you miles offshore for a day of deep-sea catches or allow you to just cruise to your favorite sandbar for exploring. 

Key Features:

  1. Family-Friendly Layout

You want a hardcore fishing machine and a boat for lake days with the family. We get it. Hybrid models are designed with a layout that includes folding aft seats and adjustable bow seating for versatility. Whether you need a spacious fishing platform at the bow or the ultimate entertainment area, Hybrids give you both. 

  1. Fishing Amenities 

When you’re ready to pack the gear and head out to the offshore waters, Hybrid models are ready for the challenge. Enjoy built-in options including livewells, rod holders, and tackle storage.

Types of boats - Hybrid Boats
  1. Dry Storage

Similar to our Bay boats, Hybrid models have ample, dry storage at the bow and aft – making it easy to clear the deck when the crew is at work and keep your gear in good shape when not in use.

  1. Swim Platform

Standard on the 231 and 211 models, the acrylic swim platform and ladder make it easy for the family to get in and out of the boat on the days that they need to cool off in the water.

Types of boats - Hybrid Boats


Fish big on a NAUTICSTAR Offshore boat. We say our Offshore models are built for the confident boaters and anglers because each model is equipped with the fishing and entertainment amenities capable for big adventures.

Key Features:

  1. Fishing and Family-friendly Layout

Each Offshore model is packed full of harcore fishing amenities including rod holders, livewells, bow storage, and endless technology upgrades for the helm. All of these built-in features are strategically placed to provide enough room on the deck for the family to roam freely. 

Types of boats - Offshore Boats
  1. Leaning Post Options & Captain’s Stations

Captains ride in comfort and confidence resting on luxurious, plush cushions with any leaning post they choose. Customize an Offshore model with upgraded leaning posts and captain’s stations that have flip-up bolsters, built-in livewells, sinks, and more.

  1. Fiberglass Top Options

When you build an Offshore model, you get to choose from a canvas top or fiberglass. Fiberglass tops can be customized to match the color of the hull and include built-in Fusion speakers.

  1. Seating Versatility

You might wonder what separates the XS models from the Legacy. The layout on XS models is specifically designed with a spacious deck and extra fishing amenities for the hardcore fishing crew. On the Legacy models, enjoy extra seating at the aft and amenities to entertain the bunch.

Types of boats - Offshore Boats

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