Bring It On! Miami Boat Show 2020

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Amory, MS – 2020 is a big one for NauticStar Boats in Miami. Many exciting developments will culminate at the Boat Show, including the unveiling of a much-anticipated Hybrid boat and trailer with STAR pricing under $30,000 (to be revealed on February 13), and a chance to earn awesome cash-back incentives on all new models.

Specifically, our Spring Ahead promotion will be running during the show, which features double cash-back incentives on all untitled 2019 models.

In addition, there will be specific incentives on untitled 2020 model year boats. Be sure to check with your local dealer on the details, as each model in inventory has a unique cash incentive. Customers visiting from the Miami metro area should inquire with the dealers below who will present at the booth (#A135):

Boaters Exchange, Complete Marine, Yacht Works Inc, Palm City Yachts

Check out the show’s full lineup of fish, bay and offshore boats online to enhance your visit: 32XS, 28XS, 2602 Legacy, and 2302 Legacy

We look forward to seeing you in Miami!